PD (2) 1 Lowe’s Callowdale Idris The Dragon. Strongly built youngster with head of good strength but not overdone. Strong neck, good body and tail. Strong quality bone and has much to like. Presented in good condition, a promising youngster who covered the ground with good positive action for age. BP. 2 Biddle’s Richearon Bobo. Good head shape and eye, well placed ears, good body and well developed rear. Not quite the shine and togetherness of winner today but has many breed qualities.
JD (1) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Harisch. Masculine head with broad skull and good eye. Good neck, strong bone and good rib. Well placed tail and in good coat and condition. Moved steadily over the ground.
PGD (3, 2) 1 Yule’s Callowdale Excalibur. Masculine exhibit with strong broad head. Strong neck into body of good length, well angled rear and good body condition. Moved with free action but still needs to strengthen a bit more in the rear.
LD (1) 1 Yule’s Callowdale Excalibur. As previous.
OD (4, 1) 1 Lowe’s Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus). Masculine head with good proportions. Good breadth of muzzle and well placed ears. Strong neck into well built body. Good muscle and well placed tail. Has quality bone and good coat. Moved with good action holding a nice shape. CC. 2 McElvaney’s Smokiex Amigo Khyi Arlo. Another masculine exhibit with good head shape and eye. Good eye, neck and body of good shape. Moderate bone and good feet. Good depth and holds a nice outline when covering ground. Prefer a little more drive from the rear. Res CC. 3 Hollifield & Humphreys’ Richearon Palden.
JB (1) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Hermione. Feminine head with good skull stop and well placed ears. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder and good depth. Moved steadily with good front action. In good body condition though not in best jacket today. Liked the type. LB (2) 1 Lloyd’s Carramia Ain’t No Limits. Feminine well proportioned head with dark eye, good ears, neck and feet. Good depth, rib and well angled rear. Presented in good condition and moved with good rear action. Holds a nice outline. 2 Bainbridge’s Elektra Bisurman Kera Herjay (Imp Pol). Good head shape with strong muzzle. Moderate neck. Strong bone and good depth. Good type, shape and well placed tail. In good condition but possibly just a little heavier than needed for complete balance.
OB (4, 1) 1 Hollifield’s Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon (Imp). Feminine head of good proportions. Well placed ears, good front assembly, rib, loin and well developed rear. Liked the balance and type. Strongly built with good bone and feet. Moved with steady free action holding nice shape. CC & BOB. 2 Lowe’s Callowdale Maysee Grae. Liked the head shape and eye, good ears, neck and has quality bone. Good body shape and well developed rear. In good coat and moved with pleasing outline. 3 Lloyd’s Hatice Bisurman At Carramia (Imp Pol).
Tom H Johnston