WINDSOR - 2019


Thank you to all the Tibetan Mastiff exhibitors who brought their dogs along to Windsor on one of the hottest days so far this year, many were still moulting but all were superbly presented in very good body condition. I was checking back to the first time I judged this breed in 2002 some 17 years ago and have to say I have watched with interest how the breed improved over the years, I am however a little concerned with some of the poor fronts on some dogs. There are in my opinion too many whose feet point east west far too much and many who cross badly at the rear. This breed again in my opinion had to be strong and capable of walking mountain tracks too many shown today had virtually no muscle tone again in my opinion an essential requirement for this breed. Generally speaking the breed has certainly improved but still has some way to go for the sake of this lovely dog be careful when breeding it is a superb breed and I for one think it is a dog for the future. Thank you all for giving me this chance to award my first set of CCs in a breed I have admired for a long time now.
PD (4) 1 Tracey, Callowdaie Helios, 11 month old big Golden boy in superb coat, magnificent head and body, good top line correct tail carriage this boy has a lot going for him. A little work to his fore legs to strengthen his pasterns and straighten his gait at the rear will improve him 100%. Also may I suggest that the handler attend some handling lessons and this dog will go on to be a top winner. 2 Biddle, Richearon Bobo, 6 months of age and still very raw, very nicely balanced Black dog with exceedingly nice Tan markings in the correct places, lovely young head with nice clear eye and good ear set, fair dentition. Lovely coat, good body shape, good strong bone just need to muscle up now. Moved well just needs a bit of time to mature, certainly a lot of potential. 3 Perkins, Callowdale Harisch.
PGD (3) 1 Gardiner’s, Heronsview Harrington. 18 months old and one to watch. Excellent Black coat with correct markings, very well balanced, excellent head and top line moved extremely well. This young male has a very typical head for the breed. Strong to look at, nice and broad with good stop and super eye placement which are that deep brown that appear to look through you. Excellent muzzle nice and square with good strong and correct teeth. Strong neck to well placed shoulders, good bone to forelegs, good rib cage and lovely hind quarters, moved very well. I would expect this dog to do very well within the next 12 to 18 months. 2 Hindes, Wilsontus Ulmar. Gold dog of 18 months, this is a lovely and potentially excellent dog unfortunately he had virtually no idea what he was doing in the ring and as such we didn’t see the best of him however in my opinion he has a lot going for him. Excellent head with very good ear set, lovely kind eye (Dark Brown) good stop and correct square muzzle of good length with very good dentition. Nice depth and width of chest, good strong well boned forelegs, nice rib cage with very good top line, strong hind quarters with good angulation, once settled moved well. Time will tell with this boy with training and a good handler he has a lot of potential. 3 Perkins, Callowdale Harisch.
LD (3) 1 Porteus, Seii Taishougun Balden At Shellonbear (Imp Rus). Substantial 17 month old in excellent coat and body condition, big strong head with correct ear carriage, nice dark brown eyes very good stop and very correct muzzle with excellent dentition. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and well boned forelegs, good pasterns. Very nice top line and good rib, strong well muscled hind quarters with just enough angulation, good tail set. Moved and handled well. 2 Linley, Woolinoze Jumping Jack, another quality dog of good size and balance, very good coat presented in excellent condition. Nice masculine head with well set ears and dark eyes, good stop and nice well proportioned muzzle, very good dentition, nice reach of neck to good shoulders and well boned forelegs, good pasterns, nice top line and good rib, strong hind quarters but just a bit straight in stifle for me. Nice tail set moved well. 3 Perkins, Callowdale Harisch.
OD (4) 1 Dog CC & BOB Naylor, Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaijak, superbly presented 20 month old gorgeous Gold well coated dog in excellent condition, super well balanced head and body and very good movement. This dog caught my eye as soon as he came in the ring. Lovely masculine head with correct ear set, nice dark almond eyes, very good stop and super muzzle and very good dentition. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and strong boned forelegs with good pasterns, good depth and width of chest, very nice topline held very well on the move, good rib cage and sound hind quarters with just enough rear angulation strong well set tail, moved very well and deserved the CC today. 2 Reserve CC Gardiner, SeiiTaishougun Bodging at Heronsview (Imp Rus), litter brother to 1st in limit and a very similar dog. Excellent in coat and body condition, well balanced and super mover. Very masculine head all in perfect proportion to the body, nice ears and eyes good dentition, nice reach of neck, strong well laid shoulders good bone throughout to both fore and rear legs which also have nice angulation. Very good top line and correct rib shape, moved with drive only just beat his brother for the Reserve CC. Super potential for the future along with 1st in Limit. 3 Lowes, Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus).
PB (1) 1 Best Puppy in Breed. Perkins, Callowdale Hermione. This lovely very feminine 11 month old is really a great one for the future if she continues to mature as she is going, lovely head and body balance, superb bone throughout and movement in one so young to die for. Super feminine head with beautiful eyes and excellent ear placement lovely bal of muzzle to head and all correct in shape, good big teeth with lovely scissor bite, good reach of neck to well laid shoulder and well boned straight fore legs good pasterns. Good depth and width of chest, nice rib and top line, good well angulated and muscled hind quarters, strong well carried tail moved soundly and nice and straight. Cracking young dog.
JB (2) 1 Gardiner, Heronsview Henrietta. Beautifully balanced young bitch with lots of promise, super head and reach of neck lovely body shape and excellent bone throughout and a bitch that could move correctly just a little immature at the moment for top honours but it will not be long. Lovely feminine head with correct ear carriage, lovely almond shaped eyes, good muzzle head proportion and very good dentition, good reach of very strong neck to really nice shoulders and well boned forelegs, very good pasterns and nice forward facing feet, nice depth and width of chest good rib and Top line, well set tail and very good well angulated and muscled hind legs, good tail set moved very well. 2 Lowes, Callowdale Easy Street, another very nice young bitch. Lovely head with correct ear set and lovely eyes, very good dentition, good reach of neck to nice shoulders and strong forelegs, good depth of chest and very nice rib cage, good top line, strong and nicely angulated hind quarters well set tail moved ok.
PGB (1) 1 Perkins, Callowdale Hermione.
LB (4,1) 1 Steele, Big Namtso. 2 year old bitch presented in good coat and body condition, very nice feminine head with nice clear almond eyes good ear set and nice dentition, good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and strong well boned forelegs, nice depth of chest and good spring of rib, good top line and tail set, strong well muscled hand quarters moved nicely. 2 Perkins, Callowdale Hermione. 3 Naylor, Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak (Imp Rus).
OB (5,1) 1 Bitch CC & Best Bitch Gardiner, Ch Showbull Gangsta Boo at Heronsview, absolutely stunning 2 year old in perfect condition, superb coat and body. First class movement from this young bitch who looked ready to move around the ring all day. Lovely feminine head with beautiful eyes perfect ear set and stop lovely balance of muzzle to head piece, excellent dentition. Very good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and well boned forelegs with good pasterns and nice tight feet facing front. Excellent depth of chest with nice spring of rib and super top line held perfectly on the move, very good strong well angulated hind quarters and well set tail carried very correctly, moved and handled well. Only narrowly beaten by the top male to Best of Breed on maturity. This bitch is one of the prettiest Tibetan bitches I have seen and she has a personality to match. I can see how she got her Championship she has great personality as well as being super on the eye. 2 Res CC, Hollifield, Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon (imp), another very nice quality 6 year old in excellent condition both in body and coat. Lovely feminine head with very good ear set nice dark almond eyes good stop and nice well shaped muzzle, good dentition with correct scissor bite. Fair reach of neck to nicely laid shoulders, lots of big strong bone to forelegs, nice deep chest and good rib cage, good top line held well on the move. Nice strong hind quarters with good tail set moved well and deserved the reserve cc today. Handled very well. 3 Lowes, Callowdale Waysee Grae.
Chris Quantrill