Tibetan Mastiff Spring Show
Tibetan Mastiff Club of GB
thank you very much to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge their open show. What a lovely atmosphere there was throughout and such a nice touch to have a Tibetan Monk to bless all the dogs present before the show began. Temperaments were exemplary all through which made my job so enjoyable.
VD/B (4,1) 1 Gardiner’s Int/Lux Ch Chodak-Druk Du Domaine De Toundra Of Heronsview ( Imp FR) 11 years young Male with lovely broad head, well set ears,dark eye, good strong neck, Good front assembly. Sufficient angulation, well placed and carried tail, and moved out well to show the relative youngsters in this class how it’s done.2 Cawthorne’s Montasamara Mtsho At Bheara. 7 year old bitch good head, strong neck, plenty of bone and moved out adequately.
JD(2) 1 Love’s Showbull Big Daddy Kane. Good quality dog just fourteen months old, broad skull, well shaped dark eye, correct dentition, well off for bone, correct tail and good strong quarters which he used to power around the ring. 2 HOLNESS’ Ari Up Avec Ricci (Imp Rom) Lovely rich tan, a little long in the muzzle, dark eye, nice tight feet sufficient angulation but did not move out as well as (1) today.
ND(2) 1 Bainbridge’s Herjay Baldo Baloo. 15 months old b/t dog. Another nice broad skull, well shaped dark eye, good front and Good broad quarters. Well set and carried tail and he moved out well. 2 Sampson’s Dokhyi Tibet Gylapo Chi An 2 year old dog, nice broad head, correct dentition, a little loose in Pasternak, enough rear angulation and moved out adequately.
PGD (6,2) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Bring Him Home. 3 year old dog, broad muzzle, good stop, well shaped dark eye, good broad nostrils, correct dentition, good bone, good strong neck, good front assembly, strong rear quarters, good topline and moved out very well. 2 Davies’ Herjay Boom Boom Bertram. Blue 18 month old dog, pleasing head, good stop, well of for bone, sufficient rear angulation and moved out really well. 3 Goatcher’sWoollinose Dumbledore.
LD (5) 1 Hollifield & Humphries’ Richearon Palden. Quality 2 year old dog with that lovely broad skull, dark and well shaped eye, strong muzzle, correct dentition, open nostrils, correct proportions, well set and carried tail and strong hind quarters which enabled him to move around the ring as if he owned it, all the while keeping that lovely topline. Was pleased to award Best Dog and BIS. 2 Davies’ Heronsview Balor. 4 year old dog with correct head proportions, well shaped dark eyes, strong muzzle, Good bone and strong hindquarters, just did not move out as well as (1) today. 3 Goatchers’ Woollinose Dumbledore.
OD(5) 1 Lowes’CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik(Imp Rus) Oustanding b/t dog,correct head proportions, dark well shaped eye, correct dentition, good front assembly, Good top and underlines, strong quarters, which he used to power around the ring. Correct tail set and carriage. Unfortunately, when it came to the challenge he dropped his tail. I gave him time but he was not inclined to pick it up again. Therefore I awarded him Reserve Best Dog. When he came back to challenge for Reseve Best In Show he used his tail correctly and I was pleased to award him Reserve Best In Show.
JB (6,3) 1 Charwin & Diary’s Showbull Queen Latifah. 14 month old lovely young bitch. Correct head proportions, lovely expression, well shaped dark eye, correct dentition, good strong neck, well sprung, strong quarters, moved out really well, holding her topline. Reserve Best Bitch.2 Steele’s Big Namtso. Another nice bitch, a little smaller than(1), but what a nice dark tan she has. Broad head, dark eye, broad quarters but did not use them to move out as well as (1) today. 3 Wilson’s Wilsontus Sashi.
LB (1) 1 Bainbridge’s Electra Bisurman Keara Herjay ( Imp Pol) Strong headed 3 year old bitch with dark well shaped eye, a little light in frame, correct dentition, well set and carried tail and moved adequately
OB (2) 1 Hollifield’s Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon (Imp Est).Lovely 5 year old upstanding bitch. Excellent head properties, well set ears, dark well shaped eye, good front assembly, correct tail set and carriage, firm topline, Good underline, and moved out really well. Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex.
Brace. (3,2) 1 Cawthorne.
Leanna Lewis