SP AWARD CLASSES Thanks to the committee for the kind invite & hospitality ringside company of Pam Jeans-Brown too really enjoyed my day.

Y (3) 1 Clancy’s Nularma Helio Ryan, dog, 20 months, r/g. Good width to skull & depth of muzzle good bite. Dark eye of good oval shape & set. Ears set & shape good. Straight front legs well boned rounded & OK well bodied & densely coated. Preferred movement coming towards at elbows than 2, rear needs to muscle & hocks strengthen; 2 Conway’s Nularma Helio Renzo, dog, well boned, feet & pasterns could be firmer for me. Head ample width to skull & muzzle bite OK. Coming towards elbows could be tighter & also in rearquarters going away in hocks need more muscletone. Just here preferred the width of chest & depth of brisket over; 3 Eden’s Woollinoze Chewbacca, dog b/t 17 months a little narrow in chest & depth of brisket needs to develop on. Head ratios OK for width & depth to muzzle bite ok. Coming towards close in front & rear hocks a shade close for me needs more muscle development all through. PG (6) 1 Lowes’ Legenda Tibeta Cekovic, dog 7 months, b/t, well boned. Skull broad & balanced depth to muzzle with good bite & jaws & tidy flews. Good lay of shoulder & depth to brisket & width across chest at this stage for age. Straight front legs on tidy compact feet & good pasterns. Moving had more balance going away side gait & coming towards showing desired angles. Can only develop on now; 2 Sutton’s Nandars Majariran-D’Argo, dog, 18 months, grey, smaller boned all through than 1. Head ratios OK at this stage with dark eyes for shading. Front width needs to come & depth in chest. Again requires more muscletone to firm rear end for more positivity for me; 3 Davies’ Heronsview Balor, dog, 2½ years old b/t, ample bone for size & shape. Another that could benefit from overall body tone. O (2) 1 Leak’s Madire Snow Blade, dog, b/t, well up for size with good bone. Broad skull ample depth to muzzle with good bite. Eyes a tad on the rounder side for me. Showed better movement here for & aft than; 2 Lowes’ Baheera Maha-Ratha, bitch, b/t, nice feminine size & shape preferred her eye shape & expression than 1. Pasterns could be firmer & hocks going away were a shade close but showed a pleasing reach in front & side gait. Preferred her over 3 on slightly better movement overall than 3 today; 3 Leaks’ Heronsview Buni Bea for Madire, bitch, b/t, ample bone for size & shape maybe a shade longer in couplings & loins than 1 & 2. Slightly down in pasterns & hock actions quite close & gave an unbalanced picture fore & aft.