Championship Show 2019 Critique

Thank you to the committee for your kind invitation to judge your wonderful breed at this well run show . Such a pleasant atmosphere and exhibitors who were generous with their applause for all winners . The breed has certainly improved in over all movement with stronger hindquarters but fronts still need some attention . my main point of concern was temprements , type ,temprement and movement are the three essentials and please keep focus on all three aspects .

An excellent entry of 52 dogs awaited and my winners were

VETERAN DOG (1,0) HERONSVIEW DON’T MESS WITH ME AT SOBARNA – was my bis winner last time I did the club show when he was a junior . so pleased to see him again in his veteran years. Typical and balanced in his outlook still moving well but with a steadier pace . BVIS


1)CALLOWDALE IDRIS THE DRAGON –very mature and well bodied male who is in full coat, typical outlook stood , head developing well ,good bone and excellent tailset and carriage . still needs to come together on the move ,a little close behind .

2)PENTARA EGER FOR DOKHYI (RUS IMP)—still very raw and leggy ,excellent bone and neck , general proportions good ,still needs to firm up on the move .


1)CALLOWDALE DICK DASTARDLY FROM SKAIJAK –lovely balance and outlook even though he is a little too short coupled for my taste , excellent head with broad skull ,correct tail and so well boned , very sound moving holding his shape moving .

2)HERONSVIEW HARRINGTON –longer cast than the winner but yet so typical in outlook ,correct neck ,could not match the cleaner front of the winner and not using his tail to advantage, excellent side gait .


1)HERONSVIEW BRING HIM HOME –won this class on his outline and breed typical outlook , however I would like more of him all round , excellent shape and good length to rib ,balanced side gait holding his shape at all times, could like him stronger in hock .

2)CALLOWDALE HARISCH –stood fourth in yearling , scored for his lovely type ,so well bodied and excellent bone ,balanced side gait , but needs to firm up going away .


1)SHOWBULL BIG DADDY KANE –so typical in outlook , excellent balance and scored in profile both standing and on the move . good head detail and good neck into shoulders. Very sound in all directions .

2)SELI TAISHOUGUN BODZING AT HERONSVIEW (IMP RUS ) –an upstanding male who has good strength to muzzle but is a little long , excellent eye and scored on bone , not the front of the winner and reluctant to use his tail today .

OPEN DOG (8,0)

CH LEGENDA TIBETA TSEHOVIK (IMP RUS ) I see I have met this dog before I remember him as a puppy where he impressed to win a strong avnsc at LKA and went on to win the group . he then appeared as a junior under me and won his first CC , here he was as a fully mature male in his full glory , so much to like about this male who is totally typical in his outline , strong head correct skull to muzzle ratios broad skull and the perfect eye giving that dignified and solemn expression . today he was in excellent body score and in full coat . gives a picture of strength without coarseness , well boned and substantial through , his movement is light and easy with the correct tail , I would however like him a little stronger in hock going away . it was a pleasure to access him now that he is fully mature and having endorsed him on three occasions I hope I will admire him now from a distance in the future in breed competition . DCC and BIS

2)RICHEARON PALDEN – somewhat different to the winner but full of quality , tall upstanding male that impressed greatly but is a little leggier than I prefer . a good head and excellent eye , correct ears and fill to muzzle, strong neck into excellent shoulders, well ribbed and an excellent set to tail and carriage, his movement is a joy to watch moving with precision in all directions RDCC and RBIS


PENTARA ERZHIMA (IMP RUS ) –ooozes so much quality , still raw but so much to admire, her head is of the correct shape and developing , excellent shoulders and quarters to match . her topline needs to settle yet, easy side gait . BPIS

CALLOWDALE ISADORA –nice puppy who is growing well, she has a good head shape but a little longer in muzzle and a touch light in eye , scored in her hind movement but not the stride of the winner .


1)SEII TAISHOUGUN BRILLIANCE STAR FROM SKAIJAK (IMP RUS ) –quality upstanding bitch which has great presence, good fill to muzzle but would prefer it a little shorter , excellent tan markings , good for bone and she has substance , correct proportions and tail set , scored in side gait .

2) CALLOWDALE HERMOINE –typical outlook head has enough detail ,good eye and colour , scored in neck and shoulder . steady mover .


1)CALLOWDALE EASY STREET – just gorgeous, she really took me in , for type she is lovely her head is strong yet feminine, correct muzzle to skull which is broad with defined stop and occiput , her proportions are text book , ideal leg to body , and slightly longer than she is high , long in rib with a filled frame, moderate and balanced angles both ends with an ideal tail , her front action and side gait are foot perfect, she could be a little stronger in hock . no hesitation in giving her the BCC

2)HERONSVIEW HENREITTA –longer cast and lower to ground than one, but yet so feminine, lovely head and expression with a super eye and head shape , scored in her hind action and in profile .


1)CARRAMIA AINT NO LIMITS –of decent type and outline , holding her shape on the move, excellent set to tail and carriage , a little close behind .


1)CALLOWDALE MAYSEE GRAE – big substantial and powerfull bitch who has great size substance and excellent bone . her head is devine and totally breed typical full of detail , ideal proportions stood and for such a large bitch her movement is light and effortless . for me there was just too much of her paid the price in the challenge RBCC

2) CH TSEEPO PABU ZONDA AVEC RICHEARON (IMP EST )--- such a stylish bitch she is with so much to like, enough detail in head with a good dignified expression , general proportions are good, and in excellent body and condition , excellent fore hand, her movement is a joy to watch moving well in all directions .