T.M. CH. 2018

Championship SHOW: I am very conscious of the honour done to me by inviting me to judge the club's 30th Anniversary Show. I was slightly concerned by the variation in type and I would urge all breeders to go back to the standard in order to correct the bizarre colours which seem to be appearing in the breed at the moment. Having said that, I was pleased with my main winners who would have held their own in days gone by. VD (1:2) 1 Gardiner's Int/Lux Ch Chodak Druk Du Domaine de Toundra of Heronsview (Imp Fr) I have admired this boy since he arrived in the country and he has lost none of his quality as he has aged. He is now eleven and a half, shown in excellent condition with great balance and conformation. Very good head proportions and expression. Good top line and very steady on the move. BV and Res CC. PD (8:10) A huge range of type among these babies. 1 Sutton's Woollinoze Thuk Man, very neat well-balanced boy with enough bone for his size. Good head proportions, pleasing expression, good top line, steady on the move. 2 Gardiner's Heronsview Harrington, smart black and tan boy with good balance. Excellent expression and alert eye. Good top line and excellent bone. Happy on the move, a pleasing ensemble. 3 Howe-Platt and Platt's Showbull Country Squire. YD (2:2) 1 Holness' Ari Up Avec Ricci (Imp Rom). Mature balanced boy with good head proportions. Good spring of rib and deep brisket. Good top line. Shown in good coat. Moved out well with purpose. 2 Biddle's Heronsview Vojak, less mature than 1. Excellent balance, good bone for size, pleasing head and expression. A lot of maturing to come. At present because his coat is less full, he appears narrow throughout. PGD (4:5) 1 Naylor's Callowdale Dick Dastardly from Skaliak (4 : 5) 9 month old gold puppy who really held his own in this class. Has not yet reached the adolescent stage so consequently everything was still beautifully balanced. Lovely head proportions and expression. Really alert. Good top line and nice bone. BPD and BPIS. 2 Gardiner's Heronsview Bring Him Home : super b/tan boy whose mind was not on the job today. Lovely balance , good bone, top line. Sound steady mover. A really good and typical example of the breed who was not prepared to show today! 3 Linley's Woolinoze Jumping Jack. LD (1:2) 1 Davies' Heronsview Balor big impressive balanced boy with excellent bone. Super top line, good spring of rib. Lovely head proportions and expression. Moves well but tends to conserve energy whenever possible. Very sympathetically handled. OD (2:2) 1 Lowes' Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus): large well-balanced 2 year old with good bone for his size. Good head proportions and attentive gaze. Good rib cage and depth of brisket. Excellent powerful mover with plenty of drive. I am so glad that he had got rid of his over- full top coat and was now shown in excellent typical coat. Expertly handled. Dog CC and BIS. 2 Gardiner's Ch Sierras LL Cool Jay at Heronsview ( Imp USA): 4 year old , a smaller example of the breed with beautiful balance. Shorter in back with a deep chest. Excellent head proportions and alert expression Moved out with purpose but lacked his usual elan. PB (8:8) 1 Gardiner's Heronsview Henrietta : small neat balanced bitch with good bone for her size. Good head proportions, excellent reach of neck, good top line, compact deep body. Good angulation. Lovely feet. Moved out with purpose. BPB. 2 Wilson's Wilsonus Ulla, balanced girl with excellent bone. Good top line and broad quarters. Pleasing expression. Moved out well. 3 Naylor's Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star from Skaliak (Imp Rus). YB (1:2) 1 Steele's Big Namtso : balanced b/tan bitch with good bone and deep chest. Good top line. Pleasing head proportions and expression. Happy on the move. PGB ( 3:5) 1 Gardiner's Showbull Gangsta Boo of Heronview : very feminine bitch with lovely balance. Super body and excellent bone. Excellent head proportions and pleasing expression. Good top line and tail carriage . Lovely feet. Moved out with style. I would have liked a deeper tan but over all a real quality bitch. Bitch CC and BOS. 2 Lowe's Callowdale Maysee Grae: tall grey puppy with good bone for her size. Less feminine than 1 but with a lot to offer. Shown in excellent coat. Very well handled. 3 Byrne's Wangdak Ashaki. LB (1:1) 1 Byrne's Wangdak Alisha: b/tan girl with pleasing outline and good bone. Good head proportions and kind expression. Nice spring of rib and good top line. Shown in good coat. Moved out well but did roll a little when she began to drive. Res Bitch CC. OB (2:2) Two mature ladies who have lost none of their charm. A credit to their owners to still be in such good condition. 1 Gardiner's Ch Kehl Amrita at Heronsview (Imp Ned): small neat b/tan girl. Excellent body proportions, pleasing head and expression, good bone, top line quarters. Slow but steady on the move. 2 Charwin and Deary's Showbull Venus, slightly larger proportions than 1 with good bone. Lovely top line and deep chest. Good head proportions and reach of neck . A little down on pasterns but still moved out well. PROGENY (1) Int /Lux Ch Chodak Druk du Domaine de Toundra of Heronsview ( Imp Fr) has certainly passed on his qualities to his offspring. A splendid group of youngsters who promise well for the future.
Pamela Jeans-Brown

THANK YOU PAMELA and thank you Michelle Porteus for spotting and sharing.