Tibetan mastiff Stories

The last few weeks Caspar has been waking us up by pacing round the kitchen.  Last night after waking up he came straight into the bedroom  for a cuddle.  This was odd.  After some thought we wondered if we had a mouse, so we put a trap down by the fridge where he sleeps.  The next morning we found the culprit in the trap.  Since then Caspar has slept peacefully in his favourite place.  I think he must have been scared of our intrudor!

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A warning! On Saturday our routine changed. Normally the dogs are walked early before we do other things. This time however Alan had to go out & was not due back till 8.30 a.m. I took the dogs to the end of the road so they could relieve themselves (Caspar does not like doing anything in the garden). I had to go to the village after , so I left the dogs in the conservatory with access to a part of the garden. When I got back about 30minutes later Jampo had tried to get out & had done a lot of damage to the gate. If I was away much longer I think all the dogs would have escaped! We know it was Jampo as the others have often been left like this before their main walk with no problems. We now have a steel plate over the gate & wire accross any fencing hopefully putting an end to his game!

001 003 gate mended