Please find Tibetan Mastiff critique for SWKA October 2019.

Judge Mark Leak (Madire)

Thank you to the Committee of SWKA for the invite to judge this wonderful breed. My thanks also to my two very efficient stewards who kept me on the straight and narrow. I was pleased with my entry and the quality of the dogs before me.

JD, 2(0);

1. Biddles' Richearon Bo Bo, 10 mths B/T. Very impressive youngster, one to watch for the future. Head developing well with pronounced stop, well set ears and complete scissor bite. Good front and rear angulation, nicely muscled with well sprung ribs. Correct tail carriage, level topline held well on the move. Drove out with purpose. BP & RBD.

2. Perkins' Callowdale Harisch 15 mths B/T. Another nice youngster , pleasing head, neck and shoulders. Level topline with correct tail carriage. Coat of good texture and markings. A little low on the pasterns, feet could be a little tighter. Didn't have the drive of the winner.

PGD, 5(1);

1. Davies' Heronsview Onyx Night Bear, nearly 3 yrs B/T. Good head, oval eyes set well apart, correct ear set. Acceptable front and rear angulation , stood on good tight feet. Held a level topline on the move, needs more drive.

2. Biddles' Heronsview Vojak, coming up to 3 yrs, B/T. Good for size, slightly leaner than 1, but with a good balanced outline. Masculine head, good ear set. Well arched neck into well laid shoulders. Topline held well, stationary and on the move. Lack of enthusiasm on the move.

3. Callowdale Harisch.

OD, 4(0);

1. Humphreys & Hollifield; Richearon Palden, B/T. Have been impressed with this 3 yr old for a while and he didn't disappoint. Oozes quality & breed type. Substantial male with strong head, correct dentition, broad well pigmented nose, oval eyes, good ear set and well defined stop. Excellent front and rear angulation, good spring of rib with good muscle. On the move he drove out with purpose keeping a level topline and correct tail carriage. BD & BOB.

2. Callowdale Harisch.

3. Davies' Herjay Boom Boom Bertram.

JB, 1(0);

1. Perkins' Callowdale Hermione, 15 mths. Stood alone. Black with white chest, breed standard only calls for white star permissable. saying that, a nice feminine head of correct proportions. Correct square muzzle, length of neck leading to nice shoulders and straight legs, feet could be a little tighter. Good spring of ribs and good front and rear angulation. Coat texture of good quality. Topline held well on the move. RBB.

PGB, 3(2);

1. Callowdale Hermione.

OB, 3(1);

1. Hollifields' Ch Tseepo Pabu Zonda Avec Richearon, B/T, 6 1/2 yrs. Quality bitch, lovely feminine head with kind expressive eyes and correct ear set. Well muscled without over exaggeration. Level topline with high set tail, held well on the move. Good drive from rear. Pleased to award her BB, just losing out to top spot by her son.

2. Callowdale Hermione.

Mark Leak.