SKC - AUGUST - 2018


PD (2, 1) 1 Porteus' Seii Taishougun Baldan At Shellonbear (Imp Rus). A very promising puppy developing a lovely outline and typical head, moved a little close behind but otherwise sound on the move, good structure suggests he will do well in the future.
PB (1) 1 Naylor's Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak (Imp). Promising puppy with a good outline and good structure, lovely head and coming into typical coat. For her shape her stride is a little short and she does not move as freely as I would expect, but she is only 8 mths and has plenty of time.
PGB (2, 1) 1 Rose's Richearon Pema At Caselden. She has a lovely head and in the right shape but she is carrying much to much weight and is therefore far too wide in front, her weight also affects her movement and though she is well angulated her weight means she is unable to stride out.
David Cavill