Tibetan Mastiff
VD/B (1) 1 Hughes' Darchen Jampo At Jamalaca. Mature male of pleasing breed type, having a good strength of head and muzzle. Dark eye with a good expression. Ample neck with nice size and substance. Not in full coat or showing well Res Best Male.
PD (3) 1 Springham's Icebreaker Black Is Back. Handsome young male who was presented in super coat and condition. Broad skull with define stop and well-balanced head. Expressive eyes to give a lovely expression. Nicely balanced with correct tail set and carriage. Just would like more strength of front quarters. Best Male. 2 Hughes' Showbull Country Gent. Masculine youngster having excellent bone and substance. Just needs to strengthen in front and rear quarters. Just roaching his topline when moving.
JD (1) 1 Hughes' Showbull Country Gent.
PGD (1) 1 Hughes' Carramia Black Bugsby At Jamalaca. Pleasing in head having strength of skull and muzzle. With nice dark brown eyes and well placed ears. Would like more strength on his front and rear quarters.
OD (4) 1 Hughes' Carramia Black Bugsby At Jamalaca. 2 Au's J'archie James Du Domaine De Toundra. Not in full or good coat. Weak in front and rear quarters.
PB (2) 1 Lloyd's Carramia Ain't No Limits. I liked this young bitch who was more to breed type and is pleasing to the eye. Broad and heavy in head with well placed and expressive eyes to give a lovely expression. Has good depth and length of body with a straight topline. Looks well balanced with a good outline. Good condition and moved well. Best Bitch & BOB. 2 Hartwell's Dokhyi Kham Vajra Palmo. Very much a baby and still raw. But is very promising in head and expression. Good eye and ear placement. Has enough bone and substance with excellent presentation. Just needs time to develop in her front and rear quarters.
JB (2) 1 Hartwell's Dokhyi Kham Pelkyi Pema. Very pleasing in breed type.Good head for strength and balance but is feminine. Liked her reach of neck fitting into a straight topline. Good angulations and in nice coat condition.
OB (1) 1 Lloyd's Hatice Bisurman At Carramia (Imp). Mature bitch who appealed to me for her breed type. With strength of skull and has a broad muzzle. Strong muscular neck and straight topline. Has good front angulations. Well presented but would like more stronger hindquarters. Res best bitch.
Kevin Young