PGD (3). 1. Perkins’, Callowdale Harisch. 12 month and just out of puppy. Well grown. Head developing well. Good mouth. Soundly made body. Would like a darker eye and needs to strengthen in pasterns. Excellent temperament. RBD.
OD. (3). 1. Hollifield and Humphries’, Richearon Palden. Quality 3 year old black and tan. Completely out of coat. So his excellent construction was there for all to see. Loved his size and bone. Lovely head, dark eye, strong muzzle, good mouth, clean lip. Sound front and rear angles. Good width and depth of chest. Nicely ribbed. Moved with male attitude. My BD. 2. Perkins’, Callowdale Harisch.
PGB. (2). 1. Perkins’, Callowdale Hermione. 12 month old and the litter mate to the winner of PGD. Strong yet feminine head, good mouth. Clean front. Sound pasterns with good feet. Scored for topline and tail set. Another with super nature RBB.
OB. (2). 1. Hollifield’s, Tseepo Pabu Zonda avec Richearon. 6 year old black and tan. Absolutely feminine yet has the look of power and strength about her. Lovely head and expression, dark eye, tight rims, good pigment. Excellent bone and substance. Chest well filled, nicely ribbed. Stands on the best of legs and feet. In superb coat. Delightful temperament. Her handler moved her at just the right place to show off her super forward reach and strong rear drive. My BB and BOB. So pleased to see her placed G3 later in the day. Many congratulations. 2. Perkins’, Callowdale Hermionie.
Joe Smith