Our Dogs


We own four dogs.  A Border Collie cross, Dylan who was born in october 1997.

Caspar a Tibetan Mastiff (Sobarna Casparian).

Milo a Tibetan Mastiff (Carramia Mystical Milo).

All three Tibetan Mastiffs can be used as stud dogs, to approved bitches only.  See their pages for more information.

Jampo our fourth dog arrived on 28 February.(Darchen Jampo)

It looks like the count is going up to five dogs!

Saffie is coming to live with us. ( Darchen Charissa )

We are hoping she will settle in with the pack.

A Lot has happened since I wrote this.

December 2011 two Norwegian Forest cats joined us Ivana & Inelda, see their page!

August 2012 we lost Caspar.

September 2012 we aquired another Norwegian Forest cat Frodo.

January 2013 Thuggles anothe T.M. joined the gang. Unfortunately he was p.t.s. to prevent further suffering in august 2013.


d10 sunning myself with my new friends


999b all under tree