An enjoyable quality entry with some lovely dogs at the top, the breed is steadily improving.
PD (3) 1. Leon Nanda Deva Mistic Mastiff. Impressive black and tan dog, he has come a long way for his young age and truly fills the eye. Big and masculine, but not at all cumbersome. Typical skull with good width, excellent occiput, marked eyebrows, correct stop, good fill of muzzle, excellent expression. Excellent body proportions, slightly longer than high. Firm topline, well set tail. Already in a full coat, including mane. He kept his balance on the move and moved sounder than most from all angles, opening up well from the side. Best Puppy 2. Richearon Pasang At only six months old, there is a lot to like about this dog. At this age he appears almost square which is not unusual for the age. Typical head with excellent width of skull, well set ears. Excellent width of muzzle of correct length. Strong neck. Excellent forechest. A little pinched in at the elbows. Deep and capacious body, well set tail. Well angulated behind. Still in a puppy coat, rather soft. He kept his balance on the move, but needs to stabilize both ends with maturity. 3. Richearon Bungle Bear
JD (4) 1. Pentara Eger For Dokhyi Solid red dog, he is strong and masculine, but without lumber. His head still needs to grow on, but he has enough width of skull, could do with some more stop and more width of muzzle. Strong neck, wells set, well angulated in front. Firm topline, well set tail. Balanced hindquarters. His top coat is just coming through and has very good structure. Easily the best side mover in the class and better coming and going than his competitors, if not perfect. 2. Callowdale Idris The Dragon Strong masculine dog, black and light tan. I preferred his head to the winner, the head being well proportioned and with a typical expression. He has a strong neck. Already very strong in body, very well developed for his age, he fills the eye standing with his power and strength. Well set and carried tail. Rather heavy footed and not quite in sync, he could be significantly improved going away. There is still a lot to like about this dog and he is for sure typey. Well presented. 3. Richearon Bobo
PGD (2,1) 1. Wangdak Bataar Masculine dog, a bit short on leg and compact. He has a typical head with excellent expression. Pleasing width of skull and a strong muzzle. Strong neck with a mane. I would like him more up on legs. Firm topline, well set and carried tail. Rather barrel chested and his rather excessive weight does not help. Still agile on the move, and rarely wide behind, not often seen in the breed. Quite good coat. His handler warned me that the dog could be unpredictable in temperament, but the dog appeared friendly enough to me while checking his essentials.
LD (3,1) 1. Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaijak Well proportioned light red dog well built. He has typical skull with good width, correct stop. Eyes could be darker. Well set and carried ears. Strong neck. Excellent forechest and straight front legs. Firm body, not overdone, well set and carried tail. Matching angulation behind. Very pleasing tailset and tail carriage. He is a sound and efficient mover from all angles. 2. Ari Up Avec Ricci Strong masculine dog with a lot to like about him, but longer cast than my ideal. Very good skull, if rather flat in stop. Pleasing eyes. Adequate neck. Correct feet, even if turned out just slightly. Topline is firm on the stack, but gives away somewhat on the move. Well angulated behind. Quite a good mover, sound going away. In a brilliant coat with luster and excellent structure.
OD (2) Two really good dogs, still I thought the winner stood out. 1. Richearon Palden, Just beautiful. He is very well proportioned and strong and substantial, but without lumber. Beautiful head and expression, excellent width of skull, prominent occiput, typical expression. Strong neck, well set. Excellent topline and body proportions. Well set tail. Moderate, but balanced angulation both ends. Excellent coat quality, just enough of a mane. He moved soundly from all angles, including quite parallel coming and going. CC & BOB 2. Huangshan Bisurman Impressive, big, strong and masculine dog of excellent breed type. Excellent masculine head and expression with excellent width of skull. Rich mane. Pleasing front angulation. He has a rather violin shaped ribcage. Excellent topline, and tailset. Strong bone, excellent feet. He moved very well from the side, but could be sounder as seen from behind. Still an impressive dog, especially for his breed type. ResCC.
JB (3,2) 1. Pentara Erzhima For Dokhyi Very athletic red bitch and a very good mover. Her head has pleasing width of skull, but she has more wrinkles than needed. Sound eyes. Well set and carried ears. Strong neck. Good front, if a little down in pastern. Topline not her fortune on the stack, but firms up on the move. Well angulated behind. Well set and carried tail. Her mature coat is coming through. Sound coming and going and has a lot of energy and presence on the move.
PGB (4,1) 1. Wangdak Cherry Of Baarnayotms Classical and typey bitch. She is well proportioned and feminine. There is just enough of her however. Good skull, could do with a stronger underjaw. Excellent topline, just the ring amount of body. Well set and carried tail. Balanced hindquarters. Brilliant coat. She is a very sound mover as seen from the front and from behind and kept her outline on the move, much in sync with her handler from a wheelchair. 2. Callowdale Desert Sand Bigger sort of bitch, also quite well proportioned. Pleasing skull, could do with some more stop, well set and carried ears. Good neck and forechest. Strong topline and well set tail. Could do with some more discipline in the ring as she was jumping around a lot. Quite good coat. 3. Dokhyi Charm Pema Ren Aimi
LB (5) 1. Callowdale Easy Street. A very typical black and silver bitch. At two years, she is looking her age, she scores heavily in breed type, proportions and outline. Typical head with a lovely expression, arrogant and full of herself. Excellent skull. Very good neck. She still needs to develop a bit in her forechest and could put some more weight on her front when standing. Excellent topline, tailset and tail carriage, making a most attractive silhouette. Moderate, but balanced angulation behind. Excellent top coat. She moved with excellent balance and very good from the front, reasonable from behind. Pleased to learn that she is the result of a combination of my two CC-winners the last time I judged the breed. CC. 2. Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak A strong powerful bitch, just feminine enough. She has a strong head with excellent width of skull and muzzle. Very pleasing expression. Strong bone. On the heavy side in body, I would not want any more of her. She is an extraordinarily sound mover coming and going, kept her balance on the move, but could do with some more drive. Beautiful coat, in ship shape condition and very well handled. 3. Carramia Ain’t No Limits
OB (6,2) 1. Callowdale Maysee Grae A big, strapping blue and tan bitch, excelling in breed type, but not the most feminine. Very typical head with excellent skull, excellent expression and eyes as dark as can be hoped for in a dilute. Excellent neckline, well set, firm topline, excellent bone, legs and feet. Correctly moderately angulated behind. Well set and carried tail. Pleasing coat quality. She moved particularly well from the front and very good from the side, reasonable as seen from behind. She definitely makes a difference, but I would want no more of her and in the challenge lost to her sister. ResCC 2. Richearon Norbu A typey bitch, very sound, well constructed and well proportioned, but not at all in coat on the day and looked almost smooth. Good skull, correct stop, excellent eyes. Strong neck. Balanced angulate in both ends, indeed she has very good confirmation all over. Ideal amount of body. Well set tail. She moved soundly from all angles. I would have liked to see her in a full coat. 3. Hatice Bisurman At Carramia
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