PD (5) 1 McElvaney’s Chenpokhyi Zebedee The Only. Strong, powerful boy with the head developing, balanced to body and good overall shape, strong bone and beautiful head type, handler to work on handling to give him a good action. 2 Gardiner’s Heronsview Hennessey. Lovely youngster for type with the head and movement, he has the build, smaller at present but balanced to head and body, nice overall example. 3 Tracey’s Callowdale Helios TAF.
JD (5, 1) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Harrington. Loved the type and balance to this impressive young lad, he has the shape with a quality head, skull and jaw, he’s developing well in body with the chest and rear quarters, he is great on the move over the ground, lots of Heronsview promise. 2 Davies’ Onyx Night Bear. Good overall type with a balanced head, skull to muzzle, he’s nice in quarters with the movement, well set tail and carried on the move, can build on this performance. 3 Cervenak’s Wangdak Balu.
PGD (4) 1 Gardiner’s Seii Taishougun Bodging At Heronsview NAF TAF (Imp). Impressive head type, balance and bone, he has the build in body and chest, good front, chest and topline, strong muzzle and good jaw, he has the muscle in his quarters and goes easily with the stride on the move. 2 Porteus’ Seii Taishougun Baldan At Shellonbear (Imp Rus). This boy has the imposing size with a good head type, skull and muzzle, he has the outline and build in body, good over rear end and covers the ground. 3 Davies’ Herjay Boom Boom Bertram.
LD (2) 1 Naylor’s Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaiijak. Loved the power and strength on this dog with the shape and balance, strong skull and muzzle with a powerful jaw, expressive eye and broad nose, he’s good in outline and tail with strong rear quarters giving him an excellent overall movement, considered in the challenge. 2 Cervenak’s Wangdak Balu. Typical boy with the overall outline, balance and type, he has good strength throughout with the bone and muscular body and rear end, improved in his performance here from junior, better on the move this time.
OD (4, 1) 1 Gálos’ Huangshan Bisurman. Impressive and powerful, he’s well built with good bone, carries the head type, great skull and muzzle, strong jaw and teeth, strong neck with the topline and well set tail, good through chest, strong neck with rear quarters, good on the move when into his stride, well turned out with quality coat cover to take the DCC and BOB. 2 Dowey’s Int Ch Ir Ch Drakyi Emperor Nero Of Tamdrin. Lovely outline, type and balance, good impressive size and power, he’s built well through body and topline, good loin and strong rear end, he’s smart on the move with good stride, well formed angles and great muscletone, pushing close but taking the Res DCC today. PB (4, 1) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Henrietta. Lovely type in this young lady, excellent through head at this stage with the jaw and teeth, developing in body and topline, moving well to win the class and BPIB. 2 Scott’s Wangdak Caihong. 6 mths old with the balance and lots of growth to come, solid quarters and good head type, lots of promise to fill as she grows. 3 Perkins’ Callowdale Hermione.
JB (4) 1 Corfield & Morgan’s Wilsontus Uma. Gold girl of 13 mths, loved the overall balance, developing in head with good jaw, has the build coming in body, she can move but needs more work with her handler to develop her potential on the move. 2 Scott’s Wangdak Caihong. PGB (4, 2) 1 Gálos’ Dhozias Chandra. Impressive for type in the overall balance and outline, carries a firm body and good muscletone, she’s good in bone and through front, neck and topline, carries a well feathered tail and moved ok. 2 Corfield & Morgan’s Wilsontus Uma.
LB (2) 1 Naylor’s Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaiijak (Imp). Good overall balance, loved the head type with consistency in skull, muzzle, jaw and strength, she’s good through chest, body and topline, she has the loin and tail set, goes well on the move to take the class. 2 Rose’s Richearon Pema At Caselden. Strong in overall balance and shape, she has the matured body, good front and chest, she’s well filled in topline and loin, pleases in head and just needs to improve in the movement to push harder.
OB (5, 1) 1 Gardiner’s Showbull Gangsta Boo At Heronsview. Lovely type and quality, impresses in head and muzzle, good front and bone, she has the chest, body and rib, she’s good in topline with the loin and tail set, she has an excellent rear and with strong quarters giving her the strong rear driving action, she’s good and has the overall outline to take the BCC. 2 Gálos’ Medegma Altanseseg. Strong and balanced with the bone and substance, this typical lady has a good outline, head and well filled body, she has the flow through body and topline to her tail set, strong action on the move to take the Res BCC. 3 Hartwell’s Jun Ch Lou-tian Des Lions Du Tibet (Imp Fra).
Jeff Luscott