AVNSC Working: PD 1 Holness' Ari Up Avec Ricci (Tibetan Mastiff). Well made boy in maybe his last puppy class and what a way to bow out with a very good performance in some quality company. Strongly made in forehand and matched in his quarters to give him balance and the ability to move out and back fluently and precisely. Ample bone and substance for his age. Shown in super jacket. Surely has a bright future if he carries on as he is today. 2 Croft & Bickerdike's Akna Ross At Koroyza (CED). Another good example of his breed this 10 month old took everything in his stride just not as clean going away as winner on the day. Proportionate in head and body, correct dentition and well set eyes of good shape. Well let down in chest and sprung in rib. Holds a level back at all times. Excellent toning in his quarters. 3 Muggleton's Streillys Macbeth At Bernmont (St Bernard).
JD 1 Portman, Bond & Portman's Redrovia Bonneville (German Pinscher). Just out of puppy at 13 months and at the inbetween stage today but having said, that he is strong and toned all through and coupled to his framework allowed a positive and clean driving action when he settled into his stride. Scores in head with dark oval eyes and scissor bite. Moderate angulation front and rear giving him a balanced outline at all times.
PGD 1 Ellis' Nettle's Londonderry for Falkor (Fin Imp) (German Pinscher). Super size and outline to this two and a quarter year old lad. Good head to handle, strong without being overdone in any way. Good length of neck into clean well placed shoulders and straight front. Deep chest, firm in topline and straight in back. Well toned in quarters with defined stifles. Easy and effortless movement. 2 Williams' Driftingsky Arcus (Hovawart). Rising 4 years old this boy needs some more schooling to be at his best especially on the move where he runs close going away and at times uncoordinated in profile which given his build is somewhat surprising. Work with him and get him toned up it should improve his stride. Shown in good jacket.
LD Davey's Chandlimore King Of Pop over Starsentinel JW ShCM (St Bernard). 2 year old I have judged before and today I was happy that he was more settled and together on the move than the last time I saw him. Super head and forehand being strong and proportionate all through. Deep in chest and well sprung in ribbing. Well defined and angulated in quarters which allowed a steady and true stride pattern. Nothing exaggerated about him just honest and clean all round. As ever presented in top conditioning in coat and muscle. RBD. 2 Blaney's Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin (Greenland Dog).Powerfully built 2 year old that stands over himself well when stacked and moves with ease and precision in time with his handler. Good head to handle, strong and flat in skull with well set dark eyes to complete the look. Muscular neck and forehand, straight front and good feet. Holds his shape at all times. 3 Williams' Driftingsky Arcus.
OD Quality class of males present here most of which I have judged before at some time. 1 Lowes' Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Tibetan Mastiff).Just looking at this boy you can see he is all male being strong and powerful yet in no way coarse or overdone. Not yet 2 years old and already so accomplished in the ring covering the ground fluently with minimal effort and maximum clearance. Super headpiece to handle broad and proportionate, dark appealing eyes with a calm expression. Excels in front assembly which in turn is mirrored precisely in his muscular quarters which is why he is so balanced and assured on the move. I said when I judged him 5 months ago that his title surely awaits and I see today that is the case. Presented to the minute in hard, dense jacket to complete what is a very good picture. 2 Bailey's Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq G Amorak Avec Akna (Imp) (CED). Yet another very typy and ultra sound boy that belies his 5 year old frame especially when he moves round the ring with fluency and precision in his stride covering the ground well and looking as though he could keep up the pace all day long and some which is confirmed by his superb body toning. Scores in head, well set ears and eyes and strong jaws. Powerful in forehand and hindquarters. Ample depth of chest and spring of rib. Presented and handled to get all he had to offer. In complete unison with his handler at all times. 3 Mafi's Freddo Dei Matini Delle Rupe (Neapolitan Mastiff).
GCD 1 Bailey's Napu Of Northwinds At Akna (Imp) ShCM (CED). Again I have had the pleasure of this dog before and he seems to get better with age, now rising six and a half years, he is accurate and as sound as the proverbial butchers dog on the move proving that this kennel work their dogs and keep them in top condition. Good head to handle, strong neck into well placed shoulders and straight front. Firm in topline and straight in back. Shown in very good jacket of correct texture. 2 Ellis' Nettle's Londonderry For Falkor (Fin Imp]
PB Three very good puppies present and all worthy winners on another day when they settle and show to their full potential. 1 Ellis' Goodsouls Rumour Has It It's Falkor (German Pinscher). Precocious young red rising a year old and so well schooled and composed in the ring she must surely have a bright future. Strong yet oh so feminine in head with a hint of mischief in her eyes that defy you to look away. Powerfully built in forehand with corresponding rear she is balanced and precise on the move at all times. She has the attitude and style to be up there in time. BP. 2 Bailey's Akna Kohler (CED). Another good one from this kennel that has everything there to work with and I'm sure it will be used to the full in time. Today she was very raw and at times uncoordinated but when she did put her mind to it she moved with a fluent and reaching stride. Another that has an assured future given time. 3 Davey's Samhaven Fame And Fortune (St Bernard).
JB 1 Logan's Qimugta Carmine From Miamilady Ir Jun Ch (CED). Strongly made all round this 17 month old just needs to work through the "in between" stage and then she will trouble the best. Good head shape and balance, strong jaws and correct dentition. Moderate forehand with ample bone and compact feet. Steady and sound on the move covering the ground easily. Put down in hard conditioning. 2 Smith's M'nia (Imp) (Greenland Dog). Another that has similar remarks as winner in that she too needs time and finishing to be at her best. Proportionate in head and body, just enough spring of rib and depth of chest. Clean in footfall in profile. Just needs to body up a bit and today she wasn't in her best jacket.
PGB 1 Atkins' Akna Peechee (CED) Won this class by being the better schooled and controlled in the ring. Clean lines to her strong head with correct dentition and length of muzzle. Balanced in front and rear angulation allowing the freedom and positive drive on the move. Correct hard jacket and undercoat. 2 Wakefield's Ceriinan Vivica At Brintala (German Pinscher). This girl was third in the last class and came back in with a change of handler and this made a huge difference to her performance. Good head to handle strong without being heavy or coarse. Enough depth in chest and spring in ribbing. Holds her topline flat at all times. Presented in full bloom. 3 Williams' Annvad Miss Holly [Hovawart]
LB 1 Williams' Annvad Miss Holly This girl was third in the last class and came back in with a change of handler and this made a huge difference to her performance. Good head to handle strong without being heavy or coarse. Enough depth in chest and spring in ribbing. Holds her topline flat at all times. Presented in full bloom. 2 Wakefield's Ceriinan Violetta Via Brintala (German Pinscher). This young lady was a tad deceptive in that given her build she should have been cleaner on the move but maybe she was just having an off day because she has the framework there under her taut body.
OB Two worthy bitches here and either one could have taken top spot. 1 Slater & Mafi's Acts Of Heroic Ofa (Neapolitan Mastiff). Two and a half years old and in her prime and showing her socks off today. Super head shape and size that is free from any excesses and clean. Strong jaws and good mouth. Muscular in front assembly with well placed shoulders and superb bone and substance supported by the best of feet. Deep in chest and well sprung in ribs. Solid and defined in quarters. Moves with such ease and fluency for one so big, not hurried but precise and sound as they come. BB 2 Bailey & Atkins' Akna Asavakkit (CED). At almost 6 years old this super fit female looks the part from any angle and when you go over her she doesn't disappoint as she is so well made under her muscular body. Scores well in head with appealing eyes and well set ears. Powerful forehand and matched so well by her hindquarters she couldn't help but move as she did covering the ground with minimal effort. Yet again presented to the minute all round and handled to get the best from her. RBB. VB 1 Bailey's Shepherdsway Eskimo Angel At Akna (CED). Consummate lesson in how to present a bitch that although eight and a half years young is as fit and agile as many half that age. Well made in head with clean lines and width. Exceptional toning in front with identical quarters this girl would surely be at home all day hauling a sled. Holds her topline at all times and comes to rest then stands over herself well with minimal fuss from her handler.