LEEDS - 2019


This time of year is not the best for coats as, naturally, it is when the breed as a whole change theirs in readiness for the winter to come. Thus neither depth of jacket nor correctness of texture could fairly come into the equation! Who would have believed 10 if not 20 years ago that the improvement in the breed could have been so great, not only in make and shape but perhaps particularly in movement. Many congratulations to all those who have made this possible. Judging them was, simply, a joy. Thank you to all exhibitors as well as our very efficient, patient, good humoured steward. PGD (2) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Harrington. So well made all through, scoring here on his good layback of shoulder. Lovely head, eye and expression, good bone and feet and strong quarters with long well carried tail. Strong free and powerful on the move. A smart eager showman, who went beautifully. RCC. 2 Mcelvaney’s Chenpokhyi Zebedee The Only. Handsome fellow with a well shaped masculine head, who showed his good temperament by settling quickly despite being rather rushed into the ring. Broad black nose with good wide nostrils, excellent topline and hard textured coat. Good feet and bone. Level bite, which is perfectly acceptable. Can still firm a touch on the move although he went with great freedom and enthusiasm.
LD (3,1) 1 Porteus’ Seii Taishougun Baldan at Shellonbear (Imp Rus) He scored here in layback of shoulder and strength of topline. A free mover with lovely dark expressive eyes, one of those with little coat to speak of although what he had was of good texture. 2 Linley’s Woolinoze Jumping Jack. Three year old, who bucked the trend in having a huge coat! Well off for bone with good wide nostrils if a bit short in muzzle. A charming character.
OD (2) 1 Mcelvaney’s Smokiex Amigo Khyi Arlo So good for size, type, make and shape with good layback of shoulder, excellent topline and strong quarters. Well shaped head and dark expressive eyes. Just starting to come into his winter jacket resulting in a good dense attractive looking undercoat. Super sound strong and positive on the move with no exaggerations. CC to give him his crown & BOB Many Congratulations. 2 Gardiner’s Seii Taishougun Bodging at Heronsview (Imp Rus) B/t with bright rich tan markings, well conformed with dark sparkling eyes and strong level topline. Impressive and energetic on the move just not choosing to use his tail as well as he might.
SBD/B (1) 1st S T Baldan at S BSpB.
PB (1) 1 Steele’s Valespride Northern Dancer. Just six months and bouncing around enjoying herself to the full. Her head has time to develop but she moved very well and freely when not in mid-bounce! Just needs more weight to make the best of her potential as the promise is all there BP.
PGB (1) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Henrietta. Such a great showgirl in hard muscularar condition with excellent coat texture and the best of tails. So good for make, shape, size and type with good shoulder, topline and quarters. Free and purposeful on the move.
LB (2,1) 1 Steele’s Big Namtso Well balanced with good bone, tailset and carriage. Rather too shiny in her undercoat at the moment but hopefully this will sort itself out when she returns to her full jacket. A great showgirl, who moved beautifully.
OB (4) 1 Gardiner’s Ch Showbull Gangsta Boo at Heronsview. Gloriously marked b/t with the most beautiful head and eye, so well conformed all through and this was proved on the move, when she went with great power, freedom and purpose. An impressive, typey, well balanced showgirl, who scored here on her strong topline. CC which, I gather, is her well deserved 8th such award. 2 Lloyd’s Hatice Bisurman at Carramia (Imp Pol) Another lovely one with bright tan and a very serious expression, excellent bone, tailset and carriage. She too moved very well indeed. One, if not the only one, of the entry in full coat of excellent texture this, as I understand it, being due to her having had a litter fairly recently. RCC. 3 Bainbridge’s Dar Shing Zilcan Astrid Kera Herjay Fun (Imp)
Jane Lilley