This was taken from DOG WORLD 3rd March


Interestingly in the Canine Health Concern news update for January there is a worrying piece on the kennel cough vaccine. The question asked is whether your vet gives you the datasheet accompanying the vaccine when he vaccinates your dog against kennel cough. The wording, apparently, reads:

“Vaccinated animal can spread the bordetella bronchiseptico vaccine strain for six weeks and the canine parainfluenza vaccine strain for a few days after vaccination. It is therefore advisable to avoid close contact between immunocompromised humans and vaccinated animals during this period. Immunocompromised individuals should avoid any contact with the vaccine and vaccinated dogs up to six weeks after vaccination.

“Vaccinated dogs may excrete the vaccine strain of bordetella bronchiseptico up to seven weeks following vaccination. During this time, immunosuppressed persons are advised to avoid contact with vaccinated dogs. Similar precautions are also applicable to unvaccinated in-contact or immunosuppressed animals.

“According to CHC what these datasheets actually mean is that the kennel cough vaccine can give your dog kennel cough, and cause outbreaks of kennel cough in other dogs.

“It also means that when a dog receives the kennel cough vaccine, he can give his owners and other people a form of whooping cough. It means that if you give your dog the bordetella vaccine (which is squirted up his nose), you need to avoid contact with him for six or seven weeks lest you come down with a nasty disease. If you are immunocompromised, meaning sick or elderly or very young, you could get very ill.”

So, in fact, how many people are given the datasheet, or are told verbally by the vet about the risks and that they must avoid contact with their dog for seven weeks after kennel cough vaccines?

Pam Gee of the Daisy Bank kennels says: “Our experience has been that outbreaks of kennel cough often originate from dogs that have been recently vaccinated. Therefore, as much as ten years ago, we began to advise our clients that they should not have their dogs vaccinated less than six weeks before them entering the kennels. This is included in our boarding contract.”

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