PD (3,2) 1 Porteus' Seii Taishougan Baldan At Shellonbear (Imp Rus). 8 mths black and tan showing promise. Well balanced outline. Pleasing head with well defined occiput and stop. Tan markings over eyes and on cheeks. Good fairly broad muzzle with well developed lips. Strong jaws and defined chin. Good bite and dentition. Alert, expressive dark oval shaped eyes. Triangular and relatively thick ears carried well. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. Strong bone to fore quarters. Straight legs and firm slightly bent pasterns. Well angulated hind quarters. Moved well for his age.
JD (1) 1 Naylor's Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaijak. Impressive 9 month old gold with excellent balanced proportions. Well up to size with good bone. Strong head accentuated by furring on crown with skull nicely filled up to the occiput. Broad muzzle and well filled under expressive eyes. Ears thick and well set with good muscle lift. Strong jaws with good scissor bite. Slightly arched neck with muscle developing nicely, merging with well laid and close fitting shoulders. Good depth of brisket. Broad and straight back and firm loins. Well furred tail. Muscle developing well on sufficiently angulated hind quarters. Moved soundly. RBD.
OD (2,1) 1 Lowe's Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus). Impressive 2 year old black and tan. Mature and well balanced outline. Densely coated. Excellent tan markings over eyes and on cheeks. Well proportioned head, with large skull nicely filled up to the occiput. Pronounced eyebrows. Alert, expressive dark brown eyes set well apart. Broad, well filled muzzle. Black nose with well opened nostrils. Full, well cushioned lips. Strong under jaws with good bite and dentition. Good muscle lift to ears of correct shape and size. Strong muscular neck surrounded by thick mane of fur. Strongly boned fore legs with firm, slightly sloping pasterns. Brisket, broad and deep. Topline straight with ribs reaching well back. Firm muscular loins and wide rump. Sufficient rear angulation with firm parallel hocks. Moved powerfully with top line maintained. BD & BOB.
GCD (1) 1 Leak's Madire Snow Blade ShCM. Quality, mature 6 yr old. Strong in appearance with excellent overall balance. Large strong skull with well defined stop. Well filled under eyes, muzzle broad, blunt and square. Tight rimmed dark oval shaped eyes with pronounced eyebrows. Tan markings over eyes and on muzzle. Black nose with well opened nostrils. Strong under jaw with neat black cushioned lips. Thick, fleshy ears carried well. Muscular deep neck with thick mane merging with well angulated shoulders. Fore legs strong with good round bone. Correct length of top line with sufficient spring of rib. Broad rump and good tail set. Hindquarters muscular with adequate angulation. Moved with agile gait for his tender years.
PB (4,1) 1 Naylor's Seii Taishougan Brilliance Star From Skaijak (Imp). Promising black and tan. Feminine but with strong bone. Good crown and mane. Rich tan markings over eyes and muzzle. Broad skull and balanced muzzle. Marked stop Medium sized pendant ears carried well and accentuating top line of skull. Dark brown eyes with close fitting rims. Jaws strong with good bite. Deep neck with muscle coming along. Good angles to shoulders and elbows neatly fitting to sides. Chest sufficiently deep for her age. Straight topline and good tail set. Rear angulation sufficient with thigh muscles developing well. Topline maintained on free movement. 2 Lowe's Callowdale Deja Vu. 9 mth black and tan. Slightly lighter in bone than first but with pleasing outline and balance of head to body. Feminine head piece with sufficiently broad skull. Good ear carriage with muscular lift. Good tan markings over eyes and pronounced eyebrows. Correct bite with black well cushioned lips. Expressive dark brown tight eyes. Chest deep with moderate breadth. Attractive mane and furring on skull. Straight topline and well furred tail. Muscle on hindquarters developing well. Moved soundly and ground covering. 3 Fowler's Callowdale Elysian Fields Of Tappernail.
JB (2) 1 Lowes' Callowdale Easy Street. Very feminine young black and tan. Well up to size and good balance of head and body. Exhibited with good coat. Head with strong skull, flat and filled up to the occiput. Broad muzzle well filled before the eyes. Pronounced eyebrows with dark tan markings. Dark expressive clean tight rimmed eyes. Ears with good muscle lift set well on skull. Strong jaws with good dentition. Black well cushioned lips. Strong but feminine neck merging into withers. Shoulders well laid. Good straight top line of body. Broad in loins and slightly sloping croup. Muscles developing well on hind quarters displaying good angles. Won out to second on movement. 2 Fowler's Callowdale To Dream Of Tappernail. 9 mth. gold. Very attractive and well up to size. Coat of good texture and condition. Head in balance with body. Head maturing nicely with marked stop and fairly broad muzzle. Just a little longer in the nose than first. Attractive and tight rimmed expressive eyes. Well carried ears, fairly thick and covered with soft hair. Deep neck with muscle developing nicely. Forequarters displaying good lay of shoulder. Chest developing sufficiently. Well boned and straight forelegs. Good angulation of hindquarters with thighs developing. Moved well maintaining top line.
PGB (3,2) 1 Lowe's Callowdale Maysee Grae. 9 mth. grey. I was very impressed by the overall balance and size of this young lady. Feminine head but still strong in skull. Skull displaying attractive crown of fur. Muzzle broad and well filled before the eyes. Stop well defined. Nose length in good balance with muzzle. Ears of correct size, fairly thick and carried well. Dark eyes set well apart with far seeing expression. Correct bite and strong well placed teeth. Tight black lips. Neck strong and fairly arched, merging smoothly into well angulated shoulders. Well boned, straight fore legs. Strong, level topline with well feathered tail set. Muscles developing nicely on well angulated hind legs. Hocks firm and well let down. Strong and purposeful movement with topline maintained throughout. BB & BP.
OB (1) 1 Bainbridge's Elektra Bisurman Kera Herjay (Imp). Three and a half yr black & tan. Very balanced and mature but would have liked to have seen more size and substance. Attractive and very feminine head, well furred on crown. Good balance of skull to fore face with well defined stop. Fairly broad muzzle, filled before eye. Pronounced eye brows with good dark tan markings. Broad, black nose with wide opened nostrils. Strong under jaw. Good mouth with well placed teeth. Dark eyes with alert expression. Ears of correct shape and size carried with good muscular lift. Good lay of shoulders. Straight legs with slightly sloping pasterns. Level topline with well sprung ribs. Hindquarters displaying adequate muscle and good angulation. Moved soundly.
GCB (1) 1 Leak's Heronsview Buni Bea For Madire. A quality girl of 7 yrs 9 months. Mature and well balanced shown in good coat with excellent dark tan markings. Strong head with broad skull and well defined occiput. Muzzle broad and well filled. Marked stop. Pendant ears set well on to skull of medium size, thick and fleshy. Dark eyes, with alert expression, clean and tight fitting. Full black and well cushioned lips. Slightly arched well muscled neck. Excellent muscular lay of shoulders. Strongly boned straight front legs with slightly sloping pasterns. Broad and sturdy chest with good depth. Broad, level muscular back with good spring of rib. Broad rump and good tail set. Adequate angulation of hind legs with strong muscular thighs. Moved very well for her age. RBB.
Pat Blunden