Tibetan Mastiffs
VD (1) Gardiner’s Int/Lux Ch Chodak-Druk Du Domaine De Toundra of Heronsviewm 10 years old male, very nice type, good masculine head well balanced, strong neck, shoulders well laid, nice straight legs well boned, good feet, nice body & outline, good tail carriage null. PD (1) 1 Sampson’s Dokhyi Tibet Gyalpo Chi An, 9 months old male, needs to settle. Pleasing head proportions, nice eye, good bone, nice body & balance, good quarters, like better tail carriage null. JD (6) 1 Galos’ Huangshan Bisurman, 17 months old, very nice type, good head & expression, strong bone legs & feet, good depth of chest, nice ribbing, good quarters, needs to settle on the move to make the best of himself null; 2 Dowey’s Drakyi Emperor Nero of Tamdrin, 16 months old another nice one, just let himself down on the move, acceptable in front but very poor behind, well balanced head, nice eye, strong bone, good body & topline, good set on; 3 Maule’s Goliath The Marvel. PGD (6,1) 1 Collins’ Nularma Helio Kron, 3 years old male, pleasing type well built, good strong head, good pigment, nice eye, ears well set, clean neck & shoulders, good body well ribbed back, nice quarters & moved well; 2 Eden’s Woollinoze Chewbacca, 2 years old male, good masculine head, nice oval eye, good bone, legs & feet, strong body well muscled, good quarters, like more drive on the move, bit close behind; 3 Davies’ Heronsview Balor. LD (3,1) 1 McElvaney’s Smokiex Amigo Khyi Arlo, 2 years old, pleasing head proportions, nice neck & shoulders, good bone, nice body well ribbed back, good quarters & set, went well in front bit weak behind. Good set on. OD (9,1) 1 Stepanova’s Bendzi Lhassa Valley, 2 years old excellent breed type, well built all male, excellent head proportions, good expression, clear eye, strong well muscled neck, shoulders well laid, nice straight legs, plenty bone, good tight feet, nice depth of chest, good ribbing, strong loin, good quarters & set on. Moved very soundly both ways & in profile. Was delighted to award him CC & BOB. Showed himself off in the group putting all in; 2 Gardiner’s Ch Sierras Ll Cool Jay at Heronsview, 3 years old male, another nice one, good head shape, nice eye, strong muzzle, eyes well set, clean neck & shoulders, good bone, nice body & outline, strong well muscled quarters, moved soundly holding his topline. RCC; 3 Ciprian’s Rom/Hung/Aust/Ger Ch Chenporewa Kam-Bu Kalsange.
PB (1) 1 Smythies’ Dokhyi Tibet Mani Miu An, 9 months old bitch, needs to settle, still very immature. Pleasing head, good expression, nice eye, good legs & feet, needs time, went well when settled null. JB(10) 1 Sharova’s Kailas Dream Zhoselina Dlya Nasledia Tibeta, 12 months old just out of puppy. Lovely type, good head proportions well balanced, nice eye, clean neck & shoulders, plenty bone, good legs & feet, strong body, good ribbing, nice topline & set on, went soundly; 2 Benkrouidem’s Layna Des Lions Du Tibet, 14 months old bitch, pleasing type, good head shape, nice eye & expression, strong neck, shoulders well laid, good bone, nice feet, well ribbed back, moved well null; 3 Musial’s Pol Ch Petro-Prestige Dolores Bisurman. PGB (3) 1 Smirnov’s Petro-Prestige Simela, 2 years old bitch shown in good coat & muscular condition. Strong head, pleasing expression, good bone legs & feet, neck well muscled good shoulders, nice body well ribbed back, strong loin & quarters, went well null; 2 Garry’s Wangdak Alisha, 14 months old pleasing type, nice head & expression, good eye, enough bone, like better front assembly, could move better; 3 Scott’s Wilsontus Rosabella at Xezaza. LB (2) 1 Cawthorne’s Montasamara Mtsho at Bheara, 6 years old bitch like more of her all through. Pleasing head, nice legs & feet, like more bone & substance, nice body well ribbed, like more power on the move null. OB (9) 1 Galos’ Medegma Altanseseg, 2 years old bitch very nice type feminine but still plenty of power. Good head proportions, nice pigment, good eye & expression, clean neck & shoulders, good bone, nice straight legs, with good feet, good body & balance, strong well muscled quarters, moved soundly both ways & in profile holding her topline. CC; 2 Varpula’s Fin/Swe Ch Drakyi Hoelun, 3 years old bitch another nice one, good head shape well balanced, good oval eye, clean neck & shoulders, nice bone legs & feet, strong body well ribbed, good quarters, went well. RCC; 3 Shusharina’s Chenporewa Lucky Lasya. GCB (2) 1 Leak’s Heronsview Buni Bea for Madire, 6 years old bitch pleasing type, nice head & expression, enough bone, good legs & feet, nice body, moved poorly; 2 Paradise’s Richearon Jinpa with Shardlow, found her lacking breed type, like more bone & substance, would not carry her tail, could move better.