Tibetan Mastiff Club


VD/B 1 Int/Lux Ch Chodak-Druk Du Domaine De Toundra Of Heronsview (Imp) 12 year old b/t male Broad head, dark eye, deep chest, good top line well muscled for age, well presented moved well BV. JD 1 Chenpokhyi Zebedee The Only 14 month old b/t Nice head well defined stop dark eye good dentition neat ears deep chest straight bone, nicely angulated neat feet, showed himself off really well used tail to his advantage, strong rear moved well RBD. 2 Callowdale Harisch 9 month old b/t Strong muzzle broad head, good bone, nice topline on the move and standing nice outline moved well. PGD 1 Heronsview Harrington. 14 month old b/t nice head maturing nicely strong muzzle, dark eye, well placed ear strong neck, nice lay of shoulder, nicely angulated fore and aft strong rear, nice top line standing and on the move, lovely outline moved really well with drive. 2 Woollinoze Jumping Jack Nice large well proportioned head typical expression, strong neck, deep chest, straight front, strong hind quarters moved with drive. LD 1 Woollinoze Jumping Jack. 2 Heronsview Balor b/t nice head blunt muzzle dark eye, neat ears grand deep chest, good tail set used well good topline strong rear moved well. OD 1 Seli Taishougun Bodzing At Heronsview (Imp Rus). b/t 14 month old lovely dark tan very solid boy, broad head blunt muzzle dark eye strong neck, very deep chest, strong shoulders good topline standing and on the move strong hindquarters moved with purpose and drive covers the ground with ease BD BIS. JB 1 Callowdale Hermione 9 month old black bitch. Feminine but strong head with great dark eyes, strong neck, deep chest straight front and rear lovely outline when moving and standing, moved straight coming and going really liked her will watch with interest as she grows RBB. 2 Wilsontus Ulla b/t nice head blunt muzzle and dark eye strong neck, deep chest good rear movement moved well. PGB 1 Callowdale Hermione. LB 1 Richearon Pema At Caselden b/t Nice head blunt muzzle broad skull, very pleasing expression, strong neck good lay of shoulder straight front and rear deep chest strong hindquarters moved straight and true well BB RBIS 2019 

 Mr P Charwin