First of all I would like to thank the TM committee for inviting me to judge the club show, also big thanks to my two stewards who made everything hassle free and easy, but the biggest of thankyous to everyone that entered and accepted the places of the dogs graciously. I was looking for balance without exaggerations and was very pleased with what I found.

Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st INT/LUX CH Chodak-Druk Du Domaine De Toundra Of Heronsview nearly 9 year old black and tan male , powerful head and expression , lovely dark eye and good ear set , good width of muzzle , nice layback of shoulder , good angles fore and aft lovely tail set, held his topline standing and on the move , moved well

2nd Darchen Jampo At Jamalaca 8 year old Grey& Tan , another well put together male , shapely head , strong muzzle , lovely dark eye for a Grey, good strong neck , nice topline , moved well .

Junior Dog

1st Woolinoze Chewbacca 13 month old black and tan , really liked this boy , very balanced for one so young , nice head with good square muzzle very dark eyes, good length of neck , super shoulders good bone , really strong topline , tail held nice and high on both standing and moving , moved really well , did consider him for reserve , will watch his progress with interest.

2nd Icetrax Storm From The East, 14 month old Black , when first looking at this male his mane makes him look unbalanced , but after putting hands on this boy he is level throughout , nice head and ear set , dark eye , good neck and shoulder , enough bone , good tail set held high at all times , moved with purpose.

3rd Heronsview Bring Him Home

Novice Dog

1st Heronsview Balor Upstanding black and tan male, Typical shapley head and dark eye , strong neck down to well set on shoulders , plenty of bone , really neat feet , good top line , well set tail moved well.

2nd Nularma Helio Renzo 16 months old gold, nice head with dark eye , good ears and dentition , longer in the body than 1 , but has well set tail , strong in loin and moved well.

3rd Heronsview Khor Ba At Montasarma

Post Graduate Dog

1st Heronsview Break Every Rule Black & Tan , lovely head with dark eye and great expression , strong neck to well laid shoulder , good bone and tidy feet , straight top line , well angulated rear , fantastic movement coming and going , extremely well balanced , pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog

2nd Dzhozias Edingu Smokiex Rus Jnr Ch 14 month old Black and Tan Very nice youngster who just needs time, nice head and expression , dark eye, well set ears good dentition , strong neck and shoulders , level top line and well set tail , good bone , good width of chest , moved well.

3rd Tseepo Ter-Tsabo

Limit Dog

1st Madire Snow Blade Black and Tan , very strong head with typical expression and dark eyes , good ear set and strong neck , good lay of shoulder , plenty of bone , nice tight feet , good top line , very well-muscled throughout , moved with purpose.

2nd Bheara Kya Wo Kera Herjay Grey and Tan , upstanding male with large powerful head , nice strong neck , good topline plenty of bone , nice sound movement

3rd Nularma Helio Renzo

Open Dog

Slash Mahatma-La At Wilsontus Black and Tan male of good size, Nice type , powerful head and typical expression , good ear set and dentition, powerful shoulder that are well laid back , good bone , good height to length ratio, nice tail which he used well, sound in movement , had a little extra sparkle about him today so pleased to award him Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show

Junior Bitch

1st Icetrax Stands Above 14 month old Black Bitch , Nice head with darkest of eyes , well placed ears , strong top line and well angulated fore and aft , good tail set held high moved well.

2nd Elektra Bisurman Kera Herjay, 16 month old black and tan , shapley head , and ear set , strong neck and topline , good bone , nicely angulated shoulders , moved well.

3rd Zaozerie Illusion

Novice Bitch

1st Icebreaker Tara Fubao Black bitch of nice type , really balanced outline on the stand and the move, typy head with dark eye, nice width of muzzle , typical expression, well placed ears , strong neck down to well laid shoulders , good bone and neat feet, well angulated on the rear , moved with drive and purpose Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Iris Amiya Gold Senge Gold bitch , very much a baby but has many redeeming features , very strong head with almond shaped eye, good bone and strong topline , well set tail held high , moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Montasamara Mtsho At Bheara Black and Tan , Nice head , darkest of eyes , typical expression , shapley girl , nice flat topline , good bone , nice shoulders , good tail set , moved well.

Limit Bitch

1st Bheara Pasho Black and Tan, nice head with dark eyes , strong neck down to nice shaped shoulder , strong topline held well on the move , good bone and well angulated rear ,nicely held tail, moved with drive.

2nd Darchen Charissa At Jamalaca 10 year old black and tan , love her head and expression very pretty girl, good bone and top line , nicely angulated fore and aft , moved slow but sure and strutted her stuff, pleased to award her Best Veteran In Show.

3rd Iris Amiya Gold Senge

Open Bitch

1st Kehl-Sang Amrita At Heronsview Black and Tan bitch , have liked her since I first saw her and going over her did not disappoint , nice head and typical expression , good height to length ratio , nice bone and neat feet , strong level topline , tail well set and held high , good angulation in shoulder and rear , made a lovely overall picture on the stand and the move , please to award her Best Bitch and Best In Show.

2nd Iris Amiya Gold Senge


1st Cawthorne both black and tan and matched well on the stand and on the move

2nd Hughes again both black and tan did match well but one slighter slower on the move than the other .