18 FEBRUARY 2010

Today we had a scare. We were taking all the dogs for a walk early morning. Caspar & the rest were all of their leads playing with their Lurcher friends. All of a sudden we realised Caspar was missing! Clare walked round one of the bridle paths while Alan & I took the others home. Alan then drove round the local farms to report Caspar had gone walkabouts. I spent the next hour walking back to the last place he was seen & going round the village shops. No one had seen him! I then went home to phone vets etc. 3 hours later there was a call on my mobile from a very nice lady who told me Caspar had accompanied her round her long walk with her labrador.He was missing a total of 3 hours & must have walked miles. As he was found by the lady half way to Hannington.(one of his favourite walks)! Then went on with her on their long walk.I then went to meet her in the field, Caspar was not pleased to see me & would have gone quite happily home with the lady & her male dog!

Caspar was hosed off ( he was very muddy)! He is now fast asleep. I hope he will not try this again. I certainly will not be relxed while he is free.

AAA Caspar