If you are considering buying a puppy please consider the following;

Check with the Kennel Club what Health Checks should be done on the breed you are considering.Also what the average hip score is so you can compare to those of the parents.Remember average hip scores differ greatly from one breed to another. The lower the hip score the better.

Check with your breeder that all the health checks have been done & you are happy with the results. If you feel you should check yourself you can do this through the kennel club as long as you have the correct Kennel Club name.

The Kennel Club Dog Health Test Search

Also look back on Grandparents health if you are concerned.

Do not buy a puppy that appears unhealthy.

Do not buy a puppy if you feel sorry for it.

Get your puppy from somewhere that you are happy the way it has been raised.

A good breeder will have socialised the puppy well ,bear this in mind.

Make sure you see the puppies with the Mother.

Remember a puppy grows to an adult dog & can live into their early teens.Make sure you have the commitment to care for the dog for their lifetime.