Many thanks to the Committee for the Invitation and hospitality and to my very efficient stewards and the exhibitors for their entries even though a very long journey for some. Best of Breed Lloyd's Hatice Bisurman at Carramia (Imp); Best Dog Sampson's Dokhyi Tibet Gulapo Chi An; Best Bitch Breed Lloyd's Hatice Bisurman at Carramia (Imp). 
J (1) 1 Sampson's Dokhyi Tibet Gulapo Chi An 14mths lad Still quite raw which is to be expected at this stage but has good potential. Ample bone for size and shape at this stage. Head developing well with balance. Skull has breadth and good stop muzzle is broad and has good dentition and tidy jowls. Eyes oval, well placed and of good colour for overall tone of coat colour and has desired tan markings. Well laid shoulders and straight front legs and good in pasterns and foot shape. Chest still needs more width and a little more depth but this will come one. Ample angulation to rear and hock placements muscle tone just needs to develop on, moving preferred his front natural stand than open dog. Tail set ok but needs to carry higher but was a little jaded late afternoon on a hot sunny day but I didn't penalise this as set was ok.  Later told his sire was Open dog winner.
LD (1) 1 Sapinski & Iwan's Jigme Dorje Nam Kha (Imp) Bl and tan lad 2 ½ yrs Head has width to skull and muzzle width with ample stop. Oval eyes shape of good colour, dentition ok bit reluctant to handle here. Ample reach of neck into shoulders again need to develop on for width and depth chest but still on young. Would like stronger backend for muscle tone and hock action for drive and strength. Has good tail set and carriage. 
OD (2,1) 
Kedzior Iron For Dokhyi Des Lions Nam Tso (Imp) Bl/Tan heavily coated lad on the stand made a good shape. Head has good width of skull and ear set, width to muzzle and good dentition would like tidier jowls. Ample neck, and shoulders, top line could be firmer for me, but has good tail set and carriage. Coming into a free stand showed a weakness in pasterns that need to strengthen. Hocks were parallel but lacked drive another day when not so hot may have shown more positivity on the move. 
LB (1) 1  Lloyd's Hatice Bisurman at Carramia (Imp) Bl tan 2 yr. and developing on the right lines. Made a feminine silhouette on the stand and coat changing ok due to age. Skull developing in balance and has breath and good stop and width of muzzle and good bite and good tidy jowls, which will improve with age. Eye of good shape and colour giving a nice expression. Ample reach of neck into well laid shoulders, straight front legs and good pasterns and foot shape .Hocks were parallel and showed desired drive with more muscle tone this will improve too. Tail set and carriage good and well feathered. Just had the edge in the challenge today if stays together shows potential also.
Allyson King