WORKING: Some lovely exhibits and very pleased to see my BOB getting shortlisted in Working Group.
PD (1) 1 Thompson's Hovawart, Hightimbers Master Tickets. Clean, moderately broad skull, dark eyes and well placed ears, medium neck and shoulder, good length to body with firm hindquarters, a little enthusiastic on move but still quite young.
JD (2) 1 Naylor's Tibetan Mastiff, Callowdale Dick Dastardly From Skaijak. Stunning Gold, 12 month old male, broad head developing well, with well defined stop and broad muzzle, dark expressive eyes with tight rims, correct bite and tight lips, well placed ears, neck strong and well placed shoulders and nice depth of chest with well sprung ribcage, strong loin and hindquarters, well angulated with plenty of muscle, well boned throughout, well padded feet. Tail held on move, powerful on move and impressive in profile. BD in challenge for BOB just wasn't as positive as the bitch. 2 Thompson's Hovawart, Hightimbers Master Tickets. Winner of Puppy Dog, more settled in this class.
OD (2) 1 Lowe's Tibetan Mastiff, Ch Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus). Impressive black/tan male, strong broad head with dark oval eyes, ears closely fitting head, broad muzzle and correct bite, strong neck going into well placed shoulders, with deep chest and well sprung ribs, strong over loin and well muscled hindquarters and well bent stifle, plenty of bone, correct tail carriage, powerful movement enough to win this class. 2 Blaney's Greenland Dog, Ir/Nd/Pl Ch Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin. Lovely male in excellent hard condition, impressive in profile and powerful on move. Wedge shaped head with dark oval eyes, erect ears well placed, correct bite with strong under jaw, muscular neck on broad shoulders, chest deep and good spring of rib with firm level back, well muscled hindquarters with well developed thigh muscles, hocks firm, feet well padded, with a thick double coat. So, sound on move, wish he had been happier to be gone over.
PB (2) Two very raw puppies, but time is on their side. 1 Challoner's Hovawart, Krista Van Elderens Hof At Farmwatch. Just 6 months, feminine head with sweet expression, dark eyes, neat ears and correct bite, moderate neck on well placed shoulders, body firm and good rear angulation with well bent stifle, enough bone for her age. Feet tight. Once settled moved out well. 2 Vincent's Hovawart, Hightimbers Special Ticket. Similar comments to first in this class and her litter brother, everything is in right place, just needs time to settle and gain confidence.
JB (3) 1 Lowe's Tibetan Mastiff, Callowdale Easy Street. Just 12 month old black bitch, strong broad head with lovely expressive dark eyes, flat close fitting ears, correct bite and broad muzzle, strong neck and well placed shoulders, chest well let down and ribs well sprung, broad over loin, well muscled hindquarters with enough bone for her age, powerful easy movement won her this class. 2 Naylor's Tibetan Mastiff, Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak (Imp Rus). Just over 12 months, strong head, with well defined stop, dark oval eyes, broad muzzle and correct bite, well muscled neck with good lay of shoulder, chest broad and deep, firm topline and broad muscular loin with well muscled hindquarters, plenty of bone and tight feet. Powerful movement, I just preferred first for type. 3 Vincent's Hovawart, Hightimbers Special Ticket. Much more settled here.
PGB (2) Two superb bitches who quite easily could have changed places. 1 Lowe's Tibetan Mastiff, Callowdale Maysee Grae. Litter sister to winner of junior, dark grey, beautiful head, strong and broad but still feminine, eyes dark with tight rims, ears laying close to head, jaw strong, well muscled neck on well placed shoulders, with chest reaching elbow and well sprung ribs, back firm and well muscled, topline held on move, lovely rear angulation, with plenty of bone to carry this powerful bitch. Presented in lovely hard condition and pleased to award her BB & BOB and to see her shortlisted in a strong Working Group. 2 CHalloner's Hovawart, Isalynn V Elderens' Hof At Farmwatch. A 4 yr old blonde, moderately broad skull with mid brown expressive oval eyes, deep muzzle with correct bite and good under jaw, ears of good length, strong neck and shoulders well laid back with good length of rib, strong over loin and gently sloping croup, well developed hindquarters with good muscle tone, enough bone and feet, well arched. Parallel front and rear, very steady mover. RBB.
Sue Bird