BATH - 2019


I was a last minute replacement judge for Sue Hewart Chambers, wishing her a speedy recovery. My BCC winner from last time very sportingly withdrew, much appreciated. I think the breed is in a better position than when I last judged. Movement is generally ok, none were overdone, Not a good time of year for coats, but coat wasn’t a factor in any placings. My main worry was dentition, please bear this in mind when breeding.
PD (1) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Harisch. Well grown pup. He is very well made, could just be a bit more enthusiastic on the move. Masculine head, correct stop, nice muzzle, moderate neck, well laid shoulder, stands turning feet out, well ribbed, level topline, well bent stifle with low hock, very good going away. BP.
JD (2) 1 Gardiner’s Heronsview Harrington. Very good profile mover but needs to improve out and back. Liked his head, masculine of sufficient strength, strong neck, decent front, can fill in chest, well bodied, enough hind angulation. RCC. 2 Hughes’ Showbull Country Gent. Slightly plainer in head and undershot bite. He has a good neck, accurate out and back, can firm in pasterns, well ribbed back, needs a bit more hind angulation.
PGD (2) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Harisch. 2 Hughes’ Showbull Country Gent.
LD (2) 1 Porteus’ Seii Taishougun Baldan At Shellonbear (Imp Rus). Promising young d, he has a very good head, typical expression, lengthy neck, decent front, well ribbed, could have more hind angulation and use himself more on the move.
OD (2) 1 Hollifield & Humphreys’ Richearon Palden. Super d, approaching maturity. Has a well balanced head, width and strength of skull, correct muzzle and not overdone in lip, correct neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, level topline, moderate hind angulation, typical mover. CC and BOB. 2 Gardiner’s Seii Taishougun Bodging At Hersonsview (Imp Rus). Very good young d at a coating stage and just rolls slightly on the move. Liked his head, very good eye, just a bit lippy, enough neck, good shoulder, enough body for age, level topline, moderate rear, very good profile action.
PB (1) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Hermione. Promising b of very good type, liked her head, eyes could be tighter and bottom jaw a bit stronger, strong and lengthy neck, well bodied, level topline, moderate rear. JB (2, 1) Typy b who was unhappy and nervous so I felt unable to place her.
PGB (2) 1 Perkins’ Callowdale Hermione. 2 Garry’s Wangdak Ashaki. Liked her outline and proportions, feminine head, medium neck, rather soft in pasterns, chest to elbow, well ribbed, moderate rear, decent stride, could be tidier out and back.
LB (5) 1 Naylor’s Seii Taishougun Brilliance Star From Skaijak (Imp). Young b of very good type, was a good mover when she stopped pacing. Liked her head very much, lengthy neck, well laid shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed, level topline, liked her rear. RCC. 2 Hollifield’s Richearon Norbu. Liked her outline, very sensible temperament and a sound mover, would prefer a better head, enough neck, deep chest, firm topline, balanced in angulation. 3 Garry’s Wangdak Alisha.
OB (3, 2) 1 Gardiner’s Showbull Gangsta Boo At Heronsview. Feminine b of good type, maybe slightly wide going away but an easy and typical stride, liked her head, correct neck, well laid shoulders, grand body and rib, level topline, rather moderate in rear. CC. Champion on the day, well done.
Jeff Horswell