About Us



My name is Caroline.  I have owned dogs for many years mainly Border Collies.  Over the years I have been involved in Agility and Obedience training.  My husband Alan had always wanted a large dog.  At the time we had a Border Collie called Monty and a Collie Cross called Dylan.  We were not sure of what breed of dog we wanted, so we went to the Southern Counties Championship Show in 2003.  Here we met our first Tibetan Mastiff, one of them being a very impresive male called Marco.Little did we realise that we would eventually own one of his sons.  

We were still smitten even after finding out how stubborn they could be.  My two dogs at that time were older, and my years of experience with dogs, I was ready for a new challenge.  We went to the TM club show, after talking to breeders, meeting their dogs, and doing some research about the breed, Alan and I knew this was the breed we wanted. We both liked the greys so the search began.


In January 2004 Andy Briggs had some grey puppies; we fell in love with a grey furry bundle, who we named Caspar.

The Tibetan Mastiff bug had started.

I soon found out a TM is like no other breed of dog.


We have had many behavioural problems with Caspar, but he is now six years old, very good natured, and a joy to live with.


If you are experiencing problems with your TM contact us, I may be able to help you.



All my TM’s run free with other dogs.